2 Most Favorable Hairstyles for Boy in 2016

Getting the right hairstyles will surely make us look more interesting. The secret of getting suitable hairstyles varies from many aspects in your appearance. Here, if you are a boy, you should get the following hairstyles for boys when you want to keep cool and fancy in 2016. Each of the haircuts has been used by many great football players and artist in Hollywood. Here are the three best boy hairstyles that you should set.

Straight Bangs in Long Hairstyle for boys

Straight Bangs in Long Hairstyle

As what I have mentioned before, some hairstyles for boys will need certain condition so that it can be applied well. When the condition does not suit, the hairstyle may spoil your appearance and that is the worst part about it. Here, we will deal with the straight bangs in long hairstyle. This hairstyle comes in the long hairstyle which falls up to the end of our neck for the back part and the end of side face for the side parts.

Then, as you have set the length, you need to add layered haircut in the end of the hair so it will make some spiky sense. This layering should only be done in 1/3 length of the hair and the rest leave it tidy with soft textures of straight hairstyle. In the front part, these hairstyles for boys need the straight bang itself which is made into side bangs. It is okay to set the bangs to right or left. This haircut is really suitable for those who have oval face and heart shaped face. It will be strange when you have round face or square face.

Side Parted Slicked Hairstyles

The next choice for your hairstyles for boys is the side slicked hairstyles. Here, we have got the hairstyle with high tidiness. For making this haircut for boys, you should at least cut the hair in short length with longer part in the middle hair. This hair has a tuft in the front part for making the look of the face more exposed. The cut is regular cut with no layering style or other kinds of unordered cut because we need to make a tidy hair in the boy’s appearance.

Side Parted Slicked Hairstyles

Now, to make these hairstyles for boys, first you need to cut the hair like what I was mentioned before. Then, you need to comb your hair side backward so it will make a side swept which lead to back direction. In the front part, you need to create a tuft for giving fancy look. You need to use hairspray or other stiffing products for hair that you have in your house. As this hairdo for boys is done, you are ready to look charming and cool as boys. This hairstyle is for round face and oval face.

Those best hairstyles for boys will surely make the owner look really handsome. They will have the boy’s look but there is also some sense of maturity in appearing. The cute look will still remain as boys commonly have a strong cut look too.

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