Applying the Smokey Eyes Makeup

Actually, there are so many ways to make you beautiful in front of your legal spouses, or husband. One of the simple ways is you can apply the certain make up tom make you adorable and gorgeous. Nowadays, there is a type of makeup which makes you more beautiful and it is smokey eyes makeup. This technique of makeup becomes popular among the women around the world and this makeup technique is often applied by most of popular actresses. However, it is better for you to apply this makeup in front of your legal spouses.

Tips on Applying Makeup of Smokey Eyes

This makeup technique is usually applied in the evening function, for example candle light dinner with your husbands. The smokey eyes makeup will make you extremely glamorous. However, most of women have little knowledge to apply the makeup of smokey eyes. If you face the difficulties on using this makeup technique, you can go the beauty center to get the perfect smokey eyes. Nevertheless, it will spend your money out. It is better for women to apply this technique by their selves. Here are some tips than can help the women to apply the perfect makeup of smokey eyes.

Tips on Applying Makeup of Smokey Eyes

Before I will give you the tips of applying perfect smokey eyes makeup, it is better to choose the right and safe cosmetic brand products. You need to educate your selves before you pick the products up. There are many innumerable eyes shadow hues, pencils, and shades that can be found easily in both in the online market and physical market. The primary trick to have the smoky look is you need to blend between dark and light colors. The combination of two colors can produce the perfect colors for your smokey eyes.

The first tip to achieve the smokey eyes make up is you need to choose the right color combination. As discussed above, dark and light colors combination can be the best choice but let us discusses it in detail. Classic smoky eyes usually involve two colors: gray and black. However, you can show your creativity by combining the other colors, such as: chocolate, violet, coffee plum, dark pink, blue, dark green or purple. Those colors can be chosen as your perfect choice to have the perfect smokey eyes. There are many options to choose the smokey eyes colors but you should match with the eyes colors to create the perfect result.

smokey eyes makeup

Security when Applying the Technique

When you would like to apply the smokey eyes makeup, there are several things that you should secure. There are a concealer, eyes shadow, eye pencil, mascara, makeup foundation, dome which is used to shape eyes shadow, eyeshadow brushes, and color palette. Firstly, you need to prepare the eyelids primer eye shadows should be applied on the eyelids, in first before you put the smoky makeup on. It is useful to prevent your eyes shadow which will melt into the wrinkled line. Besides that, you also need to prepare a concealer to preserve the smooth base for your makeup.

In conclusion, applying smokey eyes makeup is relatively easy and simple since you know the right material and tips. However, you also need to secure several things when you want to use this technique. Giving a beautiful appearance in front of the husbands is a must for the wives hence it is can be the alternative to keep you gorgeous.

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