Betsey Johnson Handbags Collections

For some girls, who put their style above anything else, they need to make sure that everything they use look stylish. Not only the clothes, the hair style, the shoes, but the handbag as well. Nowadays there are a lot of fashion brands that produce handbag, starting from Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and many more. However, these brands are considered quite expensive for some of you, now, if you want something stylish but with a little bit lower price then you need to look at Betsey Johnson Handbags collections. So, what are Betsey Johnson Handbags collections that you need to know?

Studded afair bucket bag

If you want something sweet and feminine but still rocking the style, then you’ll need to look at this Betsey Johnson Handbags. This studded a fair bucket bag have a rather large shape so you will get even bigger sauces and you can bring more stuff with you everywhere you go. This student a fair bucket bag has several curved on the opening, which kind of remind us of the corner of abiscuit, this is also making this handbag look very feminine. Especially with the golden ribbon and the pastel colors they brought you for this collection.

Betsey Johnson Handbags Collections 2

Ladies who lunch crossbody Handbag

Now this Betsey Johnson Handbags collection is rather different compare to the Studded a fair bucket bag. This handbag is rather small, it’s more like a big purse and is perfect if you want to bring it to the party, or more formal event where you don’t have to bring a lot of stuff. Just like we said before that this bag is rather small, but it comes with golden colored chain as the clutches which add some style of the bag. This bag also comes with a small scarf like fabric attach to the edge of the bag. This bag is also coming in several patterns such as stripes and dotted.

Betsey Johnson Handbags Collections

Trendy Shopper Totte

If you don’t like regular handbag, which is usually shaped like vertical rectangular, or you prefer that bad but you want to be more stylishthan this Betsey Johnson Handbags collection is perfect for you. The Trendy Shopper Tote bag look just like another tote bag, but it comes in two colors for each bag, such as black and red, or white and beige. The clutches itself was made out of leather so it won’t hurt your shoulder. There are several cute shaped studs on the front of this bag, such as crown shaped studded, or butterfly one. This bag also comes with a similar small purse that match the bag itself.

Bow Regard Large Satchel

For you who is in love with ribbon, this Betsey Johnson Handbagscollection of Bow regard large satchel coming with a very bold design. At first it might look like a regular handbag, but the very large ribbon attaches to it make this bold design look even more stylish in its own simplicity. They also come with a wide variety of ribbon and the bag pattern or colors itself. Also lets not forget that this bag is quite big so it’s perfect if you want to bring more stuff with you.

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