Carolina Herrera Handbags Review

Carolina Herrera is known as a famous fashion designer that gives her concern on women apparel and handbags. She has the concept of exceptional personal style. Carolina Herrera handbags give the dramatic touch on their bright colors given. You can read this review to make yourself closer to this brand. The handbags of Carolina Herrera will color your daily life. Although Carolina Herrera makes the women clothing, this review will only talk about the handbags.

Carolina Herrera Handbags Review

Carolina Herrera handbags come in any price range. You can get this bag as cheap as $40 or as expensive as $1,000. The new trends of her suits and handbags are inspired by her dog. She made a lot of Carolina Herrera handbags 2015 collection for American people to have. The newest handbags of Carolina Herrera are made of leather, suede with fur and they have the frayed trim. You can get the newest style in range of colors. You can have the sleek and simple black Gaspar or get the red bag. They are versatile items as you can use it at day or night usage.

The newest Carolina Herrera handbags also have the Gaspar clutch. It means that this handbag will keep the stylish handbag for women. These handbags also have the characteristic of gold studs with the combination of a leather fringe. It will give the distinctive Gaspar touch in your beautiful handbags. You can find the poodles paw print at the bottom of the bag. This is how Carolina inspiration comes from, her dog named Gaspar made her create the Carolina Herrera replica handbags.

Limited Carolina Herrera Handbags: Matryoshka Handbag

Carolina Herrera handbags made the limited version of the handbag called matryoshka bag. The name is very Russia, yet it is different with Matryoshka bag. No, you will not get a set of bags. Yet Carolina Herrera is inspired by the doll. Matryoshka handbag represents the elegance for women who use this handbag in public. This bag also gives a casual sophistication. With the price in almost $700 you can get the limited version. Carolina will make this Matryoshka bag to celebrate some events.

Carolina Herrera Handbags Review

Carolina Herrera handbags are adorable bags that you should have, especially for the limited item. The Matryoshka bag have the free following structure, thus it gives the unlimited possibilities on the handbag. The material is made of the tattoo napa leather that replacing the basswood. The number five is embossed in every Matryoshka bags to shows that it can match in a perfect harmony. Carolina Herrera ensures that this bag will always be in limited stocks. The Matryoshka bag that was sold in Singapore is one of the examples.

The other example of Matryoshka bags that become the collection of Carolina Herrera handbags is when she made the bag to celebrate the Chinese New Year in 2014. Herrera made red leather with the decoration of golden embroidery that represents the horse. As the 2014 Chinese New Year is the Year of Horse, it is a good idea to give the horse embroidery. The bag was popular as it has versatile looks and it sparks the chic touch on the bag. Probably Herrera might make the new limited Matryoshka handbag, who knows? You can find the common version in Carolina Herrera handbags eBay or other store.

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