Choosing Long Winter Coats

Ah, you can’t deny the beauty of Long Winter Coats, especially the one that’s used by woman. We all know that woman fashion items are even varieties comparable with male fashion items. That is why if we talk about women’s fashion items it seems like there is no end of it. Now, since it’s still in winter the most popular fashion items is the Long Winter Coats. There are a lot of Long Winter Coats, and each and every one of them make different fashion style to whoever ear it. So, today we have lined up several long coats for woman that you can choose.

Choosing Long Winter Coats

Classic Calf Long Winter Coats

The first Long Winter Coats we will talk about is the calf long winter coats which is very classy. Just like what we said this winter coat usually reach until your calf. It is mostly looks like a very long blazer with button on both sides, overlapping each other. But it is also common to be coming in one type button, connecting in the middle. This type of Long Winter Coats usually coming in a natural dark color such as black, and gray. But lately it is also coming in several other colors such as red, pale brown or even coming is several animal print as well. This coat has some executive and classical look on it, so if this is what you want then go get it.

Thigh Long Winter Coats

Another popular Long Winter Coats is the thigh long winter coats.This coat coming style in a wide range of model variations such as the blazer look with overlapping button, the parka style, the one button style and even the most regular zipper one. Most of this coat usually coming with Hoodie, but the one with overlapping button usually doesn’t have a hood on it. There are wide variations of this coat models, and many of them come with a fur especially the one with Hoodie. The colors and pattern itself are very varied so it is really great for a casual look. So if you are looking for a more casual Long Winter Coats look, then this one is perfect for you.

Dress Long Winter Coats

This one is very elegant and classic, this Long Winter Coats usually only reaching your thigh, and it is usually coming is overlapping button style. But this Long Winter Coats usually have a rather puffy lower parts that making it looks like a dress when you wear it. Some of them usually come with laces on the bottom parts, yes this Long Winter Coats has a rather cute look on it. Some of the usually also coming with fur attach to the wrist and the neck. But this winter coat mostly doesn’t come with a hood, so if you want a hoodie this one isn’t a perfect choice. But if you like cute stuff, then this one is perfect since they are mostly coming with pastel colors such as white, pink and such.

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