Choosing the Best Clear High Heels

We often see many women who wear high heel because high heel is the symbol of strong femininity. There are many choices of color and many choices of design that you can take for making you wonderful. When many designs often offer the color which is attractive and sharp, there is one antique and unique model of high heels which actually are favored by many women. That design is the clear high heels which come with glass looking in its designs.

beautiful clear high heels

Choosing Design of the Clear High heels

We see that there are many designs which are made for the clear high heels that you can choose. You should know the application of each high heel with the occasion that you attend. First, when you want to have casual look, you should take the stiletto for the design of the transparent high heels. The stiletto is the design which is set for style so it will not be good when you wear it in the formal occasion like wedding or other kinds of serious occasion.

Then, when you want to have good design for formal occasion, you should choose the clear high heels which come with pointed end and the front sole should come in thin design. The pointed design often hides your toes so it will look more polite in appearance. Showing toes seems to be more style and sexy so it will not be really great when we choose high heels that come with covered toes in formal occasion.

Then, you also need to choose the design of the clear high heels that is suitable with the occasion and gives easy usage over it. When you visit dance party, you should choose the design of the high clear heels which comes with strap. Straps give stronger grip upon the high heels and you will not be slipped from the heels when you walk or dance. Then, when you visit the party that is held outdoor, practice high heel with no strap is preferable because sometimes you will need to put of your heels.

clear high heels

Decorations in the Clear High Heels

Sometimes, it is not the grand design of the clear high heels that will set the beauty in the heels itself. There are also some decorative features which are added in the high heels. First, commonly, the high heels clear are made with motif to make interesting look. Motif can be made from various objects like flowers, animals, or other interesting object. Then, sometimes, there is decorative flower replica which is placed inside the front sole moreover when the design comes in stiletto with thick front part.

Those are the features that you will get for great clear high heels. You should adjust the features of the high heels with the occasion that you attend. You cannot randomly choose high heels for certain occasion because it can result to some obstacle and other kind of annoyance in wearing the heels. Then, you can also have the decorative design that often comes with even greater design in the high heels.

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