Choosing Winter Long Coats for Women

When winter comes, we often encounter extreme cold that will make us feel really uncomfortable. Whether we stay inside our house or outside, we will get uncomfortable condition sometimes when the winter come. For that reason, we need to get a good cover for our body. Now, talking about cover, I will talk about the winter long coats for women as women are often more vulnerable against cold compared to men. Now, let us learn how to choose the best women long coats so we can protect ourselves against winter.

long coats for women

Fabric for Long Coat for Women

As what we deal with is the winter long coats for women, you need to find the fabric that will bring the best warmness to our body. First, the wonderful material that you should pick is cashmere fabric. This fabric is really warm and it is much warmer compared to any other fabric. The problem that you face when you want to have cashmere long coats is the expensive price and the short durability that it has. The durability of the cashmere is not long and it is easy to be damaged by nature.

Then, for the second good material that provides the best warmness for long coats for women, wool is your choice. This wool is not really warm as cashmere but it is the second warmest material for coats. When you want to make even warmer condition in your wool woman long coats, you can add a layer of goose or thinsulate in the coat. Those materials will increase the level of warmness in significant way.

The Size and Accessories for the Long Coats for Women

Then, the next thing that you should consider when you choose the long coats for women is the size. The best size is the one that really fits to your body. When your body is fully wrapped by the coat, you will not feel any cold directly. When you choose loose material, you have space inside the coat that will let air stay inside the coat. The air in the winter is extremely cold and it will make you feel cold too and reduce the comfort of the long coat that you wear.

long coats for women in black

Then, accessories for the companion of your long coats for women are also important. First, you can choose belt for the accessories of your coat because with belt, you can make the coat fit to your body by tightening the coat to our by using the belt. The belt will not let the wind come inside your body too so you can protect yourself from cold. Then, you can buy shall scarf for covering your neck. The neck will be protected with scarf so you will feel less cold.

Those are the great way for getting long coats for women. You need to find the best materials and the best sizes that will minimize the cold that you feel. You also need to find accessories for the long coats of women so you will be able to add additional warmness to face the cruel temperature of the winter.

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