Customizable And Chic Simple Updo Hairstyles

Updos are characteristically supposed of as formal hairstyles that are firm and crammed with bobby pins. Here are chic new simple updo hairstyles that are easy to style and customizable to your personal style so you can throw out those old ideas.

Princess Bun

This gorgeous updo makes the wearer feel like a Disney princess with braided details. Start pulling clean and dry hair into a high ponytail, leaving out the bang part. Disperse the ponytail into a two-inch thick section. The section is then braided and the ends are secured with elastic. Backcomb horizontally ends of ponytail and roll ends of ponytail under gently. Use bobby pins to secure. Bungle the bun to your preferred tallness and plumpness. Grab and wrap the braid around the bun and secure the ends under the braid with bobby pin. Flair bangs as preferred. Mist a firm hold hairspray to set style that lasts. All face shapes with medium to thick density and long hair work well with these simple updo hairstyles.

Customizable And Chic Simple Updo Hairstyles 3

Wrap Around Braid

This loosely wrapped and braided style Create a romantic updo. Start by applying a slight amount of shine enhancing oil to hair. Then build a deep side part. Create a loose three-strand braid on the side opposite of your part that wraps around the back and to the side. Secure braid with an elastic when reaching the ends of your hair. Pleat ends of braid below the braid. Loosen sides of braid to your taste by gently pull it. Use workable hairspray to finish with a flexible hold that is great for romantic and loose styles. All face shapes and hair densities look amazing with these simple updo hairstyles.

Captivating Side Sweep

Try this captivating side-swept style if you cannot decide between wearing your hair up or leaving it down. To Style these simple updo hairstyles, curl dry hair with medium barrel curling iron. Vertically curl hair and away from head. Curl hair horizontally at the bang part interchanging the course of the curls. Let curls to cool and then make deep side part. Apply a slight quantity of texturizing crème over curls to create definition and parting between curls. Comb the bang area gently with a Mason Pearson brush to your preferred style. Tug hair over to sideways and secure with bobby pins. Bungle hair as preferred and then mist with hairspray for hold. All face shapes and hair densities look perfect with this hairstyle.

Customizable And Chic Simple Updo Hairstyles 2

Pretty Glamorous

The right combination of modern freshness and old Hollywood glamour create these gorgeous simple updo hairstyles. To style it, set clean and dry hair use hot rollers with medium and large-sized barrel. Let rollers to cool and then remove them. Then spray hair with a flexible hairspray. Create Section for the top and sides of the hair. Take the back into a ponytail. Then release the sides and top, and comb the sides and crown to the back. Make two sections on every side and then create a simple three-strand braid in lower section. Create a twist on the top section. Secure both the twist and braid gently and secure with the elastic. Curl ends of ponytail up as preferred and secure with bobby pin. Let the ends free. Mist with a strong hold hairspray for extra sheen with a strong set. All face shapes with medium to thick hair densities look flattering with this style.

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