Design and Create Your Own Red Prom Dresses

So, with the prom is around few weeks away, have you thought about the dress? What kind of dress you want for the special night? Well, we have an idea for you: what if you design and make red prom dresses? Don’t be too surprised like that. In fact, everyone can sew their own dress. This will be really beneficial, especially when you can’t find red prom dresses under 100. Follow our guidance to get the dress right away!

Design and Create Your Own Red Prom Dresses

Although this is a DIY project, this won’t look like cheap prom dresses. To assure this, you will need to find the idea first. Go out and look for some inspirations. You already know that the basic color will be red. But, you should decide which shade of red you will use for the red prom dresses. It can be maroon or bright red. Then, you can also combine red with other colors, including white, pink, and black.

When creating the design, you should decide whether you will create long or short red prom dresses. The choice is yours. Just pick the one that you think will make you look elegant. Then, decide the design of the chest, sleeves, and waist area. Think about the decorations of the red prom dresses too. You can use ribbons, laces, and other decorations. During this step, you should make sure that you measure your body size too. Thus, you will know how much fabric you will need. It will ease you in cutting and sewing the fabric too.

The Steps of Creating DIY Red Prom Dresses

So, once you have created the design, the next step is buying the materials. You will need the fabric. Choose fabric that is elegant enough and fall perfectly on your body. You should also buy the decorative equipments. We really recommend you to create sewing pattern first. This can be achieved by breaking down the dress design. If you don’t know how to do it, search for the method! Then, start the process of making red prom dresses with cutting the fabric. You have to use fabric chalk for the job. Make sure that you cut it perfectly based on the pattern you have created before.

It is better to cut all the patterns before you start sewing. Thus, you will know whether you are lack of fabric or not. After all of them have been cut, your next task is sewing the red prom dresses. Of course, you have to follow the sewing pattern. If this is your first time, you should be really careful. Through this process, you can check once in a while to compare the progress with the design you have made.

Sometimes, the decorations are better to be attached while you are sewing. Thus, it really is recommended to consider when to do it. It will be too late if you install it after the sewing process is done. Attach the ribbons, lace, and other decorations on its place. Then, finish the sewing. After that, you can try the red prom dresses first. This is functioned as a way to make sure that the dress is already fit with your body size. You can renovate it if you think it is too big. Now, you are ready to go to the prom!

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