Eye Makeup Ideas

Eye is one of the women assets which support their style and fashion. Thus, good eye makeup ideas are perfect to apply instead of usual make up such as lips, cheek, etc.  Eye makeup is a kind of makeup that can be supplement or additional features of your face make up. Women usually need extra make up to increase their appearance, confidence and performance in every situation and condition. With eye makeup, you can be looked different and beautiful. However, the correct and appropriate eye makeup of course should be considered properly in order to support your look instead of decrease your appearance. Thus, we will show you some good eye makeup ideas which presented with some steps. Let us check it out.

Eye Makeup Ideas

Cat Eye

This is the first idea of good eye makeup ideas.  Cat eye would give you sexier look than before. You are able to use this eye makeup when you want to hang out with your friends or a party. First step of this makeup is that you need to make wing on the outer side of your eyes. You can use a high-quality eyeliner brush in order to get durability against the dust and UV. Carefully dip the tip in to the pot and then start to create the tail of the edge side of your eyes. What the form will you do, they should be the wing of your eyes. If you get difficulties to do that, just follow your outer corner eye’s line. Next step, you need to create dashes and make a correlation between the dots. After getting the line, you can connect the dots become thicker than before. Third step is draw elongated triangle based on the first step line. You can use eyeliner brush to make a diagonal line. Fourth step, you can simply fill the triangle shape by using brush tip liquid eyeliner in order to thickening your shape. At last, cleanup the lines with sharpen it to get perfect cat eye based on good eye makeup ideas.

Eye Makeup Ideas 2

Shimmery Eye

The next idea of good eye makeup ideas is shimmery eye or smoky eye. It does not mean that smoky always darker or black. This eye makeup is perfect to suit with round eye or wide eyes. The first step, you need to apply a light shimmery shadow over your eyelid in order to help you make the thicker shimmery. It is also able to become the base shade before you do thickening. Then, use flat eyeshadow brush to make layer of shimmery whitish-gold powder on the base shade. Next step, you should add in some bronze eyeshadow. It makes glow accent and strengthen the gold shimmery on your eyes. Remember, do not get mistakes when add in. You need keep on your eyelid area. The third step is that intensify the outer corners. You can mix black shadow to get more dimensions. Finally, cat eye is the perfect suit in finishing the shimmery eye. Hopefully, these good eye makeup ideas will increase your skill in styling your eyes.

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