Hairstyle for Round Face for Women

Many women are confused about what haircut model that should be tried in order to appear more beautiful and charming. This is because the diverse array of models haircut that is offered by the salon and hairstylist. Moreover, this is also because you need to adjust to the shape of your face, especially for those of you who have a round face. You need to be careful so that your face does not look more rounded and chubbier. Here is hairstyle for round face that is worth a try for you the owners of chubby cheeks to make it look gaunter. Check this out!

beautiful hairstyle for round face

Attractive hairstyles for round face

The first hairstyle for round face is mix layer hairstyle. This hairstyle is a hairstyle that is being a trend in society. This mix haircut is a haircut that could be considered, very suitable and flexible for a round face. There are two types of its models based on the length of this cut of hair, which are short sizes and lengths. However, it would be better if you are the owner of a round face choose cut that long. Long hair will reduce the chubby impression that is caused by the round face that you have.

The second hairstyle for round face is blonde bob. Blonde bob is a haircut model that is attractive, famous, and beautiful. This hairstyle could be said to be semi-long hair because usually your hair will be cut to shoulder length. Blonde bob haircut can give effect to the face to be gaunter due to slightly curly hair that is made in the near cheeks pulled back. By doing so, your cheekbones will be seen more prominent and reduce the effects of chubby.

The next is edgy bob. It is also one hairstyle for round face that you can try. This is a hairstyle with a short piece and shaggy as well as some of the layers in your hair. In fact, edgy bob hairstyle is perfect for you who have a round face shape and chubby cheeks. Why is that? This is because the edgy bob haircut cut right in your jaw so that it will give the effect of a more gaunt face.

hairstyle for round face

Smooth straight hairstyle is also included in the attractive hairstyle for round face. This hair style is characterized by long and straight hair. With this hairstyle, moisture and smoothness to your hair will always be taken in order to not appear matted and dull. Maintaining this hairstyle is certainly not easy. However, if you are already familiar, then you will have no trouble. Things to note in this hairstyle are the use of shampoos, its smoothness, and the moisture of your hair.

Last is shaggy hairstyle. Shaggy hairstyle is the most appropriate hairstyle for round face that you should try. Moreover, if the model is combined with shaggy long hair, so that the rounded impression of your face can be suppressed and your face will look oval. This shaggy haircut can also add a beautiful impression on yourself so that you will appear more confident.

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