Halloween Makeup Ideas That Are Scarily Pretty

If you seek for Halloween makeup ideas that will make you appear scarily pretty, fortunately there are many ideas which you can try. There are easy Halloween makeup ideas which look will make you stand out at Halloween night. Usually, the skull and skeleton makeup ideas are the ones which are always effective for Halloween. Simply try the black and white skeleton and skull makeup which are completed with the pale white foundation, black eye shadow around the eyes and the teeth or nose bones with white eyeliner.

Halloween Makeup Ideas That Are Scarily Pretty

Then, Halloween makeup ideas can be so mysterious and elegant with vampire ideas. The makeup ideas with vampire themes will appear with common features or characteristics such as the pale white foundation, blue or black eye shadows, the deep red maroon or deep black lipsticks. To make great impacts, of course you should prepare the fake long fangs with blood runs from the lips. Some will look better with the pale faded color eye lenses or contacts so that the makeup will look so real.

Next, Halloween makeup ideas can be so easy to do by focusing on the eye makeup which are always effective. If you do not want to spend too much time for doing the makeup, then try Halloween eye makeup ideas. You can try to do it easily with the tear eyes design which show off the flesh and blood under with the fake skin or simply draw the makeup design of tear with eye shadows or eyeliners. Some will go draw zippers to make the eyes look like can be closed and opened like a cloth or jeans.

You also can try Halloween makeup ideas which are really scarily pretty with zombie themes. Zombie themed makeup ideas are always spooky and scary because they are mostly extreme and quite disgusting with the splattered skin that shows the flesh and blood under the skin. To make these makeup ideas, you always can try to make it looks more elegant with not so extreme zombie effects. For example, try to wear pale white foundation, black lipstick and the black or blue vein effects that are obvious on the skin surface.

Halloween Makeup Ideas That Are Scarily Pretty 2

Then, Halloween makeup ideas can be so elegant and pretty with witch themes. It might sound awkward but you can be scarily pretty with Halloween witch makeup ideas. For example, you can try to follow the makeup styles which were worn by Red Queen and White Queen in Alice in Wonderland movie. The Red Queen is so striking with her bright curly hair, raised thin eyebrow, light blue eye shadow and red love shaped lipstick whether White Queen comes with long white hair, black eye shadow and black lipstick.

Lastly, Halloween makeup ideas can be so simple but cuter with animal themes. Usually, the makeup ideas are inspired from cat family such as cat, tiger, leopard, cheetah and other cat animals which have raised pointed eyes and round noses. Then, the makeup are usually simpler not so scary, in fact they will make you look totally unique.

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