High Heel Sneakers as Fashion Properties

High heel sneakers are typical shoes people use it most for outdoor activity. It was in 1917 when the first sneaker massively produced by rubber company. Prior, people wore rubber to cover their foot until canvas was used as top cover of shoes. Since then on, shoes production is using top coverage technique with canvas coverage. Six years later in 1923, someone introduce the more modern sneakers for only basketball sport purpose. He was Marquis Converse who embraced Chuck Taylor to his Converse All-Star shoes product as endorsement.

High Heel Sneakers as Fashion Properties

High Heel Sneakers, Production after History Was Made

A year after Marquis Converse embraced Chuck Taylor, his sport shoes product went internationally. In the same year, a German man named AdiDassler made his sneakers with his name as brand; we recognize it today as the Adidas sport shoes. The Adidas prove their quality at the 1936 Olympic game where Jessie Owens won four gold medals by wearing Adidas shoes. It was long ago story before people realize that high heel sneakers are able to make from its original style by modification.

In its early emergence, when high heel sneakers hadn’t been acquaintance, sneakers were used as sport purpose with –still simple- look and rough quality. However, by the time both Converse and Adidas improves their quality so sport is not only their way to promote sneakers. Besides sport, fashion is space where sneakers were introduced. Sneakers have been popularized as fashion stuff beside its function as sport and athletic shoes. One fashion shoes product are known is high heel sneakers shoes. Due to its long involvement in sneakers business, Converse also made their modification on high heel sneakers Converse to satisfy women’s fashion taste.

There is certain sneaker that performs in different type from other common sneaker. It is called as high heel sneakers women’s shoes. These high heel sneakers present as an unusual type where women use it in purpose of fashion properties. This shoe, are only women use, particularly when they gathering with other women, or chilling up with sorority, and even going to party.

High Heel Sneakers as Fashion Properties 2

High heel sneakers are unique shoes women can use it for some occasion such as hang out, walk around on plain contour, and school use. Since it has little a bit complex shape with additional high heels that makes walk is about to be hard, not all terrain can be stepped. It is obviously cannot be used for sport utility, nor for hiking. Due to its unique appearance, women are risked by slip that may influence on their ankle. However, women should be careful in using it only for certain occasion, and may not wear in most events.

High heel sneakers are also suit for tomboy-chic girl with quite strong of fashion sense. But here I don’t recommend them to use it frequently. If fashion is involved in combination, jeans cloth and hot pants is suit with these shoes, especially for young lady. Mature women may think twice before deciding to wear it for outgoing purpose.

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