High Heels for Women

High heels are very close with every woman all over the world because it will show the attitude of the woman herself. Of course wearing high heels is a choice whether you love it or not, there are many reasons why some women still enjoy wearing it. One of these reasons is about confidence. She will feel comfortable and confident while wearing high heels because she feels taller than others and make men be interested with her. Back to the topic, there are plenty of high heels variant high heels for women such as pumps, wedges, stilettos and many more. I will guide you to choose the right type of high heels for women in this article.


Before we go to the tips of high heels for women, I would like to give you some types of high heels firstly in order to make sure that you are know what type you should choose. There are several high heels types which available now in the store. Some types are made for particular reasons, so it will be not funny if you choose the wrong one in one situation. This is important thing for you to know all of them whatever the name you should recognize the form, right? Okay let’s go to the main topic.

High Heels for Women 2

Pumps High Heels

The first type of high heels for women is pumps. This is a classic style which became the first style of high heels. By using pumps high heel, your toes would be closed. An officer woman should wear this kind of heels because the look is perfect for casual event or situation. Professional style also sticky with pumps high heels. The height is not too long and not too short or it is in average length. This type is very popular in the store for business women. Therefore, if you attend casual event pumps high heels is the solution.

Stilettos High Heels

The second type of high heels for women is Stilettos. It usually has at least two inches of lengths or up to 4 until 6 inches. Of course this type of high heels is not suitable with office environment because of its length. You can use stilettos on informal event such as party, dinner, lunch or etc. We can classify it on sexy high heels. The pairs of stilettos are long dress, mini skirt and even casual clothing and many more.

High Heels for Women

Wedges High Heels

If you familiar with wedge, you should know why this high heels called wedges. Yep, it is caused by its form which looks like a wedge. It is available with many heights and styles. You just look for styles and heights which you want to. However, wedges high heels are not appropriate in summer because they will be worn for some reasons. In other weather, there is no big problem actually.

Kitten Heels

The last type of high heels for women is kitten heels. Why it has named kitten? Because it has no platform and it also looked as short form of high heels. You are able to walk in every situation and condition which you want by kitten heels.

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