How to Apply Eye Shadow: the Basic Rules You Need to Follow

Have your applied eye shadow by yourself before? Well, in order to be able to compose new makeup effects by yourself, you need to learn right from the basic rules about how to apply eye shadow. No matter what kind of eye shadow you want to make, it won’t work well unless you remember and apply the basic rules into action. So, let’s start from the two most basic rules here.

how to apply eye shadow

The Two Most Basic Rules

In order to apply eye shadow, first you need to remember about the color technique. Since eyeball is darker towards the outside than inside, you need to apply the same way to the outer corners of the eye. So, apply darker color to give an impression of depth. The second rule about how to apply eye shadow requires you to make natural gradation. It is done by blurring the border of eye shadow and the neighboring skin. Let’s see the color rules below.

The Rule of Light Color

Basically, there are three color rules about how to apply eye shadow. Let’s start with the light color here. You see, this is the first color you need to apply when applying eye shadow. Make sure to apply light color over the whole eyelid. This is done in order to brighten up your eyes. This is the first way of making the focus set on your eyes. Not to mention, the brighter the eyes, the better they will look to others and us.

The Rule of Intermediate Color

After you are done with the light color, we need to work on with intermediate color. The second color rule of how to apply eye shadow is to make a blend in this color. Working from the outer corners to the inner parts, you need to start by applying more color on the outermost part. Then, blend in the color so that the borders of shades become obscure. As for the inner corners, apply a light color only, to avoid it being gaudy.

The Rule of Dark Color

Let’s move on to the last basic rule of how to apply eye shadow here. Yes, it is about applying dark color after the light and intermediate ones above. The last rule of eye shadow application here only requires you to do the same technique as before along the upper and lower lash lines. So, you can start by applying more color at the outer corners. Remember to apply lighter color as you go inwards. With this, you have made basic eye shadow.

So, do you understand the basic way of how to apply eye shadow from the discussion above? Simply put, the light color acts as something like the background here. Then, the same technique is used to work on the intermediate and dark colors. The technique needs you to work with more color on the outermost corners and more lightly inwards. Once you have practiced these basic rules well, you should have been able to compose the affects you want.

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