How to Become a Fashion Designer without Earning a Degree

Who say that you can’t be a fashion designer if you don’t get a formal degree? That is just a myth. With today’s regulation, almost everyone can start their fashion design career as soon as possible. Indeed, a formal degree will make people trust the designer. They won’t question the skills of an educated designer. But then again, not every successful people earn their degree to have a successful business. There are ways on how to become a fashion designer without going to a formal school. We’d like to discuss some of the tips here.

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Tips on becoming a Fashion Designer

The first thing that everyone should have if they want to be a fashion designer is good fashion taste. It is very important since today there are so many designer in the fashion industry, thus every newcomer to the industry should have a competitive advantage toward others. Having great fashion taste is a good way to win the competition. Then, you should have a detail orientation. There are so many aspects of a dress, for example, that should be understood by the fashion designer. Small details like the pattern of the lace can affect the overall dress appearance. These two points are the most important skills needed to solve the question of how to become a fashion designer.

The next thing that should be mastered is how to design clothes. This point is crucial too, since a fashion designer main job is designing clothes. It will be useless if you have a good fashion taste but you can’t design any cloth. To learn about designing, you can read many books that discuss this topic. Even, there are courses with affordable tariff that provide the lesson of designing clothes. In the same courses too, you will get the knowledge on good fabric and its combination and also the patterning. A good fashion designer can sew too. Thus, you have to push yourself to learn sewing, whether autodidact or through the courses.

You should understand too that the question of how to become a fashion designer should also be answered with the continuous training. There is never ending learning process if we are talking fashion designing. Thus, once you have mastered the designing and sewing technique, you should do many design exercises. Everyday, you have to draw your own designs. Through this process, you can find your identifiable features, which are also often owned by every designer.

Then, how to become a fashion stylist question should also be answered with the mastering of technology. Nowadays, there is various designing software available for everyone. You can try several of them and find the software that match with your demand and is comfortable to be used. The existence of this software will benefit the process of designing. After designing, you can spread the design online, through your website or social media, to attract people ordering dresses or clothes from you.

Indeed, to become a famous fashion designer needs quite a lot time and hard work. You have to promote your business to your colleagues. Employ the internet and social media to spread words about your designs. Once there are orders from customers, don’t forget to make design portfolio from it. This way, you are opening your way to the higher state of fashion industry.

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