How to Get Natural Eye Makeup for Everyday Use

Every day, we need to wear makeup to beautify our appearance. However, we should know which kind of makeup that is better for different kind of event. For everyday usage, for example, you can use natural makeup. One of the focuses in natural makeup is the eye makeup. Within this article, we’d like to focus to the creation of natural eye makeup. After reading this, we guarantee that you can get natural face look.

How to Get Natural Eye Makeup for Everyday Use

Through these natural eye makeup tips, we will show you how to get nice eye makeup. As a start, you have to know the type of eye makeup that you can do. Basically, for the eyeshadow, you can pick the natural color. Combining medium, bright, and dark colors is a good way to get the natural makeup. What makes it different is the eyeliner application. At least, there are six kinds of natural eye makeup, especially for the eyeliner usage. The first one is the cat eye. For this one, you need to apply pointed eyeliner style to the outer part of your eyes. This one is relatively easy to be done and is really popular nowadays. Then, there is thick eye makeup. You need to apply layers of eyeliner above the eye.

The next type of natural eye makeup is open wings. This one is quite similar with making the cat eye makeup. However, you should add lower line to the tip of the eyes. Sometimes, you can also create the creative wings. This one is really unique as you have to apply the eyeliner in curving style to below the eye. The last type is smokey eye. This one is included in natural eye makeup for small eyes. Besides applying eyeliner around the eyeball, you should apply eye shadow on the outer part of the eyeliner too.

How to Create Natural Eye Makeup

So, once you have known the styles of natural eye makeup, you can start doing your makeup for today. First, you need to clean your first, like your everyday’s routine to do makeup. It is important to clean the eye area, especially to clean residual eyeliner, eye shadow, or primer. After you have cleaned it, apply moisturizer to the face, including underneath the eyes, temples, and outer parts of the eyes.

The next step in getting natural eye makeup is applying primer to the eyelids. This function as the ‘glue’ for the eye makeup you are going to use. Then, for the area under your eyes, apply concealer. The purpose is to hide the gloomy dark area under your eyes. It is better to apply the concealer using your finger. Blend the concealer outward. After that, cover the area around the eyes with loose powder.

This natural eye makeup step by step tutorial then should be continued with application of eyeshadow. Choose medium-colored eyeshadow for the eyelids. Then, continue with applying brighter eyeshadow to the brow bone. Meanwhile, the crease should get dark-colored eyeshadow. After applying it all, it is recommended to blend all of the applied colors. Right after that, you can apply the eyeliner with the type that you like. Last but not least, don’t forget applying the mascara. Now you have such a nice natural eye makeup.

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