How to Look Stunning in Your Evening Dresses for Weddings

Deciding what to wear to attend wedding invitations can be tricky and time consuming for some women. You want to look fabulous and impress other guests with your dress, but wrong choice of evening dresses for weddings can lead to a fatal mistake and might just cost you embarrassment in front of other guests. Here are tips that just might be helpful for the next time you receive invitation for weddings from relatives or friends.

How to Look Stunning in Your Evening Dresses for Weddings

Pay careful attention to invitation

Evening wedding usually means that the occasion held has more formal atmosphere. This calls for guests to attend the invitation also in formal attire. There are many versions of dress-code rules. If the invitation does not specifically mention a dress-code, then you might want to look at where the wedding will be held. The venue will help you decide what to wear. Evening dresses for weddings   usually have certain rules, some may not be written. For example, since wedding is a formal occasion you are too, advised to wear a formal dress.  Formal dress may be interpret as knee length or long or floor length dress.

Pick a ‘safe’ dress

Now that you have figured out the dress-code and place, it is time to start choosing. There is a saying that less is more. It sounds cliché, but the fact it is just the only tip you need when choosing evening dresses for weddings. You may want to wow your friends or relatives, but let is not forget the essentials. You are a guest, wouldn’t t be funny if your look surpassing the bride? If you have the money then you are more than welcome to buy a new dress. But if you are in a tight budget, you can always pick that little black dress that hung in your closet. Here are some samples you can try.

Make statement!

You see that the two samples of evening dresses for weddings above already look absolutely gorgeous on their own. But why not add a little blink or spark?  Try adding these little trinkets and you would get different effect.  As I said before, less is more. If you want to put on jewelries, then choose the ones that will complement your whole appearance, and not make you ‘drown’ instead. A statement necklace is the best alternative. Opt for a statement necklace that will light up your dress. Like this Adia Kabur Clear Stone Statement Necklace.

If you love to make things and go DIY, then there is always the internet to search for inspirations. Like this DIY Red Statement Necklace by Kellie Mookjai from

Step up!

Here is the final step to stun your family and friends. Complete your evening dress with the right heels. You could never go wrong with black. It is the safest color of all times, but never ceases to make you look sophisticated and elegant. If you are not comfortable with high heels, then don’t wear them. It would not help if you don’t have the confidence to wear them. Once again, opt for safe items. Now, go and to wow them!

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