How to Walk On the Plateau High Heels

Fashion world actually is one thing which is always very interesting to follow; there will always be something new in this world. In this modern era almost all of the stuff which used by the women in their daily activity is the part of fashion, starting from the foot up to the edge of their hair. In this case we would like to discuss about the footwear which already very vary, starting from the simplest like the sandals up to the most luxurious like’s high heels. In this modern era high heels industry already experience the huge development, it was proven by the number of high heels types and brands which already spread, one of them is the plateau high heels.

Between Pros And Cons Of Plateau High Heels Reinterpret A Word

Luxurious Sense from the Plateau High Heels

In this modern era high heels can be said as one of the women lifestyle, there are many women who are not confident when they do not use the high heels. This condition make the high heels manufacturer undergo the number of innovation to make sure there will always something new so that they can maintain the consumer taste of the high heels. High heels plateau is one type of high heels which starts to become very popular among women who want to look exclusive. It can happen because the plateau high heels was specially designed with 7 inch heels which means you will need great skill to walk in this high heels.

This condition is actually something which becomes one of the basic reasons why the women called it as the high heels exclusive. Not all of the women will able to walk in these special high heels, especially for them who are still new in using the high heels. Applying plateau high heels actually can also be very dangerous for them. It is because when they were slipped, there will be serious injury which would happen with their feet. Especially when they are slipped in marble which very slippery and hard.

There is also the number of challenge for the shoes shop to increase the women curiosity about the plateau high heels. In certain place there is special competition like the walking in 7 inch plateau pump challenge which asks their participant to walk with the plateau heels which is quiet high. Actually it was not too difficult for them women who are already familiar with this extreme high heel, but it can become the terrible nightmare for them who still try to use it in the first time.

The appearance consideration plateau high heels

These facts actually make the plateau high heels become very exclusive than the other high heels due to its extreme design which cannot be applied by certain women who never applied it first. These special high heels require high skill of walk from every woman who wanted to apply it due its heels size which quiet high.

Besides that, the whole plateau high heels design was also very luxurious; it means the women who are able to apply it in certain event will have the great confidence, especially because not all of the women have the same chance to apply it.

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