Jane Shilton Handbags for Your Stylish Look

Jane Shilton is a famous handbags company which is based in London, England. Jane Shilton handbags are exclusive and marketed globally. The story behind its foundation is quite interesting. The company began when a man named Alexander Shilton founded a company which focused on producing handbags. The company which was founded in 1933 and has been operating for 80 years later run by the secretary of the owners, since the owner – Alexander Shilton – was doing his military duty to go off to war. The company produced gasmasks during the war. The building had been bombed four times during the war. Later, after Alex returned, he married his secretary – Jane – and changed the company name into Jane Shilton.

Jane Shilton Handbags for Your Stylish Look

Now they still produces exclusive and high qualities handbags in London. Jane Shilton handbags largely are hand-made handbags. They always guarantee that their products are such high-quality, stylish, and detail products which are designed by their experienced designers using the best materials with a good shape and follow the latest trends. Jane Shilton offers you unique and the finest Jane Shilton handbags collections which can match any occasions in your mobile activity. They always offer you their high quality products.

Jane Shilton Handbags Collection

Jane Shilton handbags collections vary in different styles and designs. You can look up their products on their online catalogs on their website. John Shilton regular hanbags have many choices when it comes to the styles or the designs. They offer you with exclusive products such as 2 handle bag, backpack, bowling bag, chain E-W shoulder bag, clutch bag, crossbody bag, drawstring duffle, flapover, grab bag, hobo bag, multi ziptop, tote bag, umbrella bag, and ziptop.

The prices, or course, are not cheap. However, the prices do really say its quality. For the regular Jane Shilton handbags collection, the price ranges from £40.00 up to £70.00. Jane Shilton always guarantees that their products are made of high qualities and the best materials. So it is not surprising that such high quality handbags are bit expensive.

Jane Shilton Handbags for Your Stylish Look 2

John Shilton handbags are also available in leather material. John Shilton leather handbags are exclusively made of such high quality materials which are designed by expert and experienced designers. The designs of the leather handbags are varied. The leather bags collections are available in varied styles such as clutch bag, crossbody bag, flapover, grab bag, and tote bag. The designs are lovely and you will not feel a slight hesitation to carry this bag with such a high pride.

The prices of these leather bags, of course, are a bit more expensive since these are made of such high quality leather materials. The prices vary from £99.00 up to £200.00. Are those prices expensive? I will not say “yes”. This is one of the best handmade bags which are designed and created by the company who has been operating for 80 years and is widely known for their high quality products. Jane Shilton handbags will give you such personal pride when you carry it for sure.

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