Ladies Winter Coats: Two Fashionable Coats from M&S Collection

Winter will soon come this year. But, it shouldn’t be the season where you can only spend your time inside your house. That is why before this season comes, you might need to buy ladies winter coats to keep you warm when you spend your time outside. Honestly, there are just many or even countless designers out there. Most of them are really good and fashionable. Let’s see two fashionable coats from M&S Collection here.

elegant ladies winter coats

Buttonsafe™ Crease Resistant Tipped Belted Mac with Stormwear™

This kind of ladies winter coats is a trench type which is a long loose coat with a belt. I would say this coat looks really fashionable in its design. It has collared neck, button fastening, two pockets, adjustable cuff, and rear vent. With the belt tied in front, it can help to form your body while contributing a nice look in the front side. The vent itself is designed at the back to make you comfortable by letting you move more easily with it.

The cuff can be pretty handy too, for you can make the sleeves shorter or longer since it is adjustable. So, you will neither be too hot nor too cold while wearing it in winter. You see, this kind of ladies winter coats is not only good in its design. Let me tell you here that this winter coat for ladies is made with crease resistant technology, so it can prevent the crease during wear. It is also made with water repellent technology to keep it dry for you.

Faux Shearling Aviator Overcoat

This is the second kind of ladies winter coats I want to tell you here. This coat too is really fashionable. But, unlike the first winter coat for women above, this one somehow makes you feel like it is the kind of coats suitable for winter. Why not? It is because this coat has faux fur made on its collared neck. It is not only that. You can see the faux fur is used in the cuff and the hem as well. It does feel suitable for winter, right?

ladies winter coats

There are two pockets in the front with zip closure. This zip closure is also applied for this coat’s fastening too. This kind of ladies winter coats might not offer protection as great as the first coat above. However, it is still coat after all. At least, it should have been able to make your body feel warm when you go out in winter. Women winter coat like this should have offered more than one thing for your needs in such cold season.

Based on how good the design is in both ladies winter coats above, you might have guessed that the first coat is more expensive than the second one. Actually, the first one is cheaper, you see. That is why I introduce it first to you in this article. Even so, regardless of the price, I can say that both are designed fashionably. So, even the second coat above is still good to choose. What do you have to say about this then? What’s your choice?

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