Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses: Chic Vintage Options for Nice Pick

What kind of wedding dresses women like the most? I would say that many women like to choose sleeveless wedding dresses nowadays. It is because wedding dress without sleeve somehow looks really beautiful by it exposing more parts of our body. It is fresh and somewhat sexy, indeed. However, long sleeve wedding dresses can look beautiful as well. They are especially good for wedding in cold season. Let me share you two chic options with vintage style here.

nice long sleeve wedding dresses

Delicate A-Line Chiffon Strapless Jacket Satin Gown

At a single glance, I can say that this long sleeve wedding gown is simple, yet looks unique in its design. Made by satin and chiffon that are known for being extra soft, this kind of long sleeve wedding dresses has its bodice draped artistically by designing it with smooth beaded lace over appliqués. The beads and delicate box pleats are also used to decorate the bodice, making it has gorgeous petals of flowers pattern on it.

This A-line type dress has its neckline without any strap. Indeed, it has long sleeves, but it is made really unique with bell style. It might look like a jacket for you. Not to mention, some embellishments have been put to make it look more attractive. This kind of long sleeve wedding dresses also has dropped waistline and it goes down to the floor with chapel train behind. It has zipper back style to fit this dress on your body too. It is a chic dress, really.

Long Illusion Lace Sleeve High Neck Long Gown

This is the second kind of long sleeve wedding dresses I want to tell you here. For me, this wedding dress with long sleeve looks really elegant. Made by satin, this is a sheath type dress. It has high neck as its neckline. Of course, it has long sleeves and they are made in T-shirt style. Right from the bodice, the sleeves, to the back, they are all decorated with lace. The lace itself seems to be made with some patterns on them, making the dress looks more attractive.

long sleeve wedding dresses

That is also the reason why this dress is named as the one that has long illusion lace sleeve. It does have long sleeves. But, since they are made with lace, they do look somewhat transparent in the eyes. Thus, this kind of long sleeve wedding dresses is unique too, just like the first dress before. Of course, this dress goes down to the floor with chapel train too behind. As for its back style, it is designed with button, zipper, and illusion.

Now, then, what do you think after knowing that there are long sleeve wedding dresses like the ones above? By now, you should have understood that even wedding gowns with long sleeve can be so beautiful like that. Long sleeve doesn’t always a plain-looking one. If they are designed with nice embellishment or lace, they can be really chic while still not completely exposing parts of our body, unlike the sleeveless wedding gowns.

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