Lovely Famous Wedding Dress Designs for the Most Beautiful Brides

Today, we will take you to see the adorable and fascinating famous wedding dress brilliantly designed by famous wedding dress designers. Spotted on the wedding ceremony of public figures and celebs, those wedding dresses along with the famous wedding ringssurely are flawless inspirations for you who are recently planning your wedding. We have both classics and royal wedding inspirations which can transform you to be the most beautiful bride on earth.

famous wedding dress

What can describe Kate Moss’ wedding gown if not beautiful? This famous wedding dress was designed by John Galliano, and even presented as part of wedding dresses exhibition in 2014, which took place at the Victoria & Albert Museum. We find Moss’ wedding dress looks flawlessly angelic. Seeing how she styled her hair by allowing waves framing her face with white wedding veil covering her hair, she looked even more like a fairy. Besides, you surely will want to envy the details from waist, which features the sheer fabric to expose Moss’ fabulous legs! Just to make the whole wedding ceremony was more like in fairytale; the bridesmaids were styled with flower crown.

Even though we personally find Kate Middleton’s hairstyle during her wedding ceremony with Prince William was a bit dissatisfying, her famous wedding dress was definitely, absolutely, totally stunning. We bet you still remember how classy and flawless she was when she was walking down the aisle. That was the perfect wedding every lady deserves, wasn’t that? The best part is undoubtedly the lace accent on her chest, shoulders, and shelves. Well, it was unsurprising since it was later revealed that the designer of Kate’s wedding dress was Sarah Burton, the famous Alexander McQueen creative director.

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Let’s go classics and classy. Even you are not born yet in 1953, the later-to-be US First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy already knew how to be remembered for its beauty, especially during her wedding day. When she married John F. Kennedy, she looked simply beautiful with her full-skirted wedding gown designed by Ann Lowe, a New York designer. Her classic yet timeless wedding dress was matched by a wonderful full veil which created the dramatic drapes as the wind blew along with lovely little white gloves.

It is not surprising to understand why Hermes later decided to name one of its bags Kelly. Grace Kelly, an actress who later became a princess, was the best image of luxury and beauty. Just take a look at her famous wedding dress which was handmade for six weeks. Designed by Helen Rose, a costume designer from Metro-Goldwyn Meyer, the dress was crafted from silk taffeta—it was said the length was 25 yards—and wonderful antique laces and pearls. Three dozens of seamstress were involved in the making of this magnificent wedding dress.

Who doesn’t know Victoria Beckham? When Posh Spiced finally married the rising footballer David Beckham, she looked flawlessly magnificent with her amazing white strapless wedding gown. This famous wedding dress was designed by the famous Vera Wang. Well, seeing how splendid the ballgown-skirted white dress was on her, it becomes unsurprising to hear when Posh says she still keep her wedding dress for her daughter, the cute and adorable Harper.

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