Makeup Mirror with Lights: The Best Lighting You Can Use

Do you plan to add makeup mirror with lights to complement your makeup vanity? If you do, then you may find this article is useful for you. We have tips to help you choosing the best lighting you can install for your vanity mirror with lights. Well, don’t you know that vanity makeup mirror with lights is helpful for flawless makeup, making it not only part of decorative element in your boudoir?

Makeup Mirror with Lights The Best Lighting You Can Use

Does this happen to you quite often: you think you already have perfect makeup but then you find your foundation is uneven when you check it on your car? Do you often find your eye shadow colors turn out to different shades? If you do, then the chance is there’s something wrong with your makeup mirror with lights.

It does not matter which one among makeup mirror with lights you choose, natural light is always the best lighting. It is also the cheapest and easiest one for makeup application. This way, if it is possible, use only natural light when you apply your makeup. However, if you still insist on utilizing artificial lights for your wall mounted makeup mirror with lights instead, these tips will help you choosing the right ones.

To complement your makeup mirror with lights, choose lightings that retain high CRI or color rendering index. Lightings with high CRI will help you ensuring that the color you apply, such as your foundation or BB cream, matches your skin perfectly, even when you have stepped out into the daylight. At least, choose ones with CRI above 80. If you want to go for the CRI of 100, you may want to install the incandescent bulbs instead to light your makeup vanity and mirror.

Do not use only overhead lighting fixture, such as pendant lighting or flush mount lighting fixture. It is not adequate to complement your makeup mirror with lights. If you decide to be a stubborn and insist on installing only single overhead lighting fixture, you may find the shadows under your eyes or other areas accentuated. It will not do any good for your makeup application. Apart from that, remember that the quality of lighting fixtures you choose to complement your makeup mirror has no association with high lumen output or wattage. The best makeup lighting for flawless look is one that produces soft but not too bright light. To achieve this lighting effect, you will find lamps which light is diffused through glass or shades such as pendant lights or wall sconces are the most suitable.

Last but not least, use multiple light sources for your makeup mirror with lights. Even though your makeup mirror cannot be surrounded by lights just like the movie stars’ mirror, there are ways to light up your face. The better solution is by utilizing light sources on both sides of your face. Install two lighting fixtures on both side of mirror at eye level to highlight all areas while providing great task, direct lighting at the same time.

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