Modern and Easy Long Curly Hairstyles for Fabulous Women

Having a long and curly hair should not be regretted as nowadays you can have perfect long curly hairstyles in natural way so your wavy hair will look beautiful and less messed up. Even some girls with straight hair use the curling iron to make her hair to be curvy. Thus, you have to bless yourself to have the natural curly hair. Below are beautiful hairstyles ideas that you can use for your curly hair in the big event.

Modern and Easy Long Curly Hairstyles for Fabulous Women

Make a Sleek and Shiny Look on Long Curly Hairstyles

By giving a sleek look on your curly hair, it will give the perception that your give a special treatment on your hair. Shiny and Defined is one of long curly hairstyles that you can have. With the help of headband braid, your curl will be arranged in the place so you will look fresh all day. You can start the step on how to do long curly hairstyles by using the curl control cream. It will control your curl better. Then, you can use the blow dryer in medium heat on your hair.

The next step on these gorgeous long curly hairstyles is braiding your front hairline in small section. This way, you don’t need to use any accessories as the braid will be the natural headband for you to shine. Then you can finish the hairstyle by using the extra curl spray for adorable curly look. The spray will give a good spark on your hair by making it to be shinier and it can separate tangled hair. You can use this curly haircuts regardless your face shape.

The other long curly hairstyles are sleek s-curves. This is modern curly hairstyles that you can have in dual texture, half straight and half curly. In the root to the middle length you need the smoothing cream in dried hair while the mid-lengths to the end, you need to have curly defining cream. Then a large tooth comb or medium paddle brush can be used to brush your hair, the middle part to the end first, and then you can brush your hair from roots to the middle.

Then, you can spread your curly hair from the middle down to the ends using a blow drier. Medium heat setting is the most suitable heat to make your hair to dry in natural way. If you think that you need to smooth your top hair, then you can use flat iron to create the best long curly hairstyles. Then you can finish the hairstyle in medium hold hairspray to keep it long day. If you have round, square, oval, and diamond face shape, then you can use this hairstyle.

If you have large natural curls in your head, Sleek S-curves can make beautiful long curly hairstyles by blow drying it and use the round brush to create the effect of smooth look on the top of your hair. You can add the curly back in from the middle to end hair. Your naturally curly hairstyles can use this technique as your hair can hold the barrel curls better compared to straight hair.

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