Most Popular And Top Handbag Brands

A good, quality handbag is appreciated by most women. Many celebrities love a good handbag. Within the luxury market, one of the fastest growing sorts is the designer handbag category. Designer handbags are making retaliation after having a fallen in the economic crisis in 2009. Here are top handbag brands that have taken into the heart of their enthusiasts.

Most Popular And Top Handbag Brands

Louis Vuitton

A 160-year-old French company Louis Vuitton or LV started off creating canvas luggage pieces and travel cases. The brand soon blasted onto the luxury handbag industry in 1997 when Marc Jacobs positioned as creative director. The brand is transformed to a world class, luxury handbag brand from a luggage icon with much praise to Marc Jacobs. On the Poshmark list, LV positioned as the #2 selling top handbag brands. The Alma and the Neverfull bag are some of the main styles, but thanks to its young design staff the brand has become recognized for making fresh innovative looks each season. There are also leather and a patent calf skin Vernis leather in solid colors and prints though the brown classic canvas with the LV emblem is the unquestionably favored.


Affordable luxury is how Coach defines itself on providing customers with its products. The handbag market has long been dominated by this American brand with its outstanding stitch work, first-class leather, timeless designs, and remarkable craftsmanship. Coach remains to please consumers after more than 70 years with its classic presents like Legacy and Signature though continuing significant with fresher accompaniments like Bleeker and Madison. Coach placed #1 on the top handbag brands list. Coach handbags certainly fill very vital market niche with quality and affordability. Many customers are very brand name driven with price conscious, but more recently many choosing quality over quantity.

Most Popular And Top Handbag Brands 2

Michael Kors

Making fashion debut in 1981, it is the same time when Michael David Kors threw his first-ever women’s clothing collection. Michael Kors has set himself as a really talented American designer. Michael Kors’ handbag line can be found all over the world and spurt onto the sight in 2001. According to Poshmark, the MK brand positions #3 in the top handbag brands list. The collection can be found on the rack of department stores like Saks, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Dillard’s. It is about timeless quality when it comes to the Michael Kors lifestyle. The collections are both chic and luxurious and are patent by clean lines, much like his leisurewear. The Jet Set and Hamilton totes are Some of the most popular styles. It costs from $300 to $3,000 to own the Michael Kors collection of handbags.

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is skillful men’s clothing and off-the-rack designer that in 2000 launched his own handbag collection and remains to supervise together his own brand and Louis Vuitton. Marc Jacobs had risen up Louis Vuitton by 2003 to possibly one of the top handbag brands in the world. At the Accessories Council Excellence Awards, He was titled Designer of the Year in 2007. The brands are characteristically dissimilar despite the fact that Marc supervises Louis Vuitton and his own line. Elegant yet upscale and casual are how to define Marc Jacobs’ handbags.

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