Revealing the Super Simple Kim Kardashian Make Up Tutorial

Whether you want to go out with Kim look or just appreciate how flawless she is in every situation, knowing the secret of Kim kardashian make up is a pleasure. You can try several techniques that are usually used by Kim makeup artists and it might makeover your total look. Being a famous star, Kim, has certain make up characteristics for example nude lips combined with contouring face making her looks so natural without compromising on the elegance. The following Kim kardashian make up tips will help you to be like Kim without any plastic surgery!

Revealing the Super Simple Kim Kardashian Make Up Tutorial

Detailed Steps to Make Up Like Kim Kardashian

We will start the tutorial from the whole face first. When we pay attention to Kim’s face, god, when has perfect oval shaped face. This given genetics body part needs only several treatments with contouring techniques so that it looks more perfect. Contouring within Kim kardashian make up is just simple. Do apply the contour along her oval face from the nose, jaw line, cheeks, and the hairline. To create a natural look, give also highlights shades between the contour such as upper and under cheeks, chin, nose, and forehead.

Well, perhaps some of you still confuse about those above terms. We are going to help! Contour is a shade with one or two darker level than your skin tone while highlight is on contrast. It can be one or two shade lighter than the skin tone. Now that you have understood with the terms, it is the time for you to blend them all together until it creates Kim kardashian make up with ombre and seamless look. You might need synthetic brushes so that both highlights and contour can be well blended.

Having done with this, add some powder foundations and throw them along the contour. As Kim loves coming with a bit shiny, give some sheer bronzers on her forehead. Kim kardashian contouring make up is actually finished yet if you want to create bronze-y look, just add them along the entire face with the help of your brush. You can use Terra Cotta bronze made by Gourlan as this bronze will give flawless impressions to your kim kardashian make up tutorial.

Revealing the Super Simple Kim Kardashian Make Up Tutorial 2

When the face is already Kim, then your eyes should be turned into Kardashians too. According to Kim makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, making the eye with dramatic look is the key. For doing this, you can use darker shades of eye-shadows along the eyes and choose lighter shade under the brow bone. Give a final touch by adding golden hues on the bottom lash and liquid eyeliner on Kim kardashian make up eyes. Sweeps L’Oreal voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black to add the volume at the lashes!

To pair Kim Kardashian smokey eye makeup, lips is the last part to beautify. Choose for natural tone as nude which is added with a bit gloss look with the same color. For your info, Mario uses Lancôme with nude tone. And one more secrets, you might wonder why Kim kardashian make up is always flawless; the answer is because she likes using Tatcha blooting papers. There girls, you have already look like Kim!

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