Review to Get the Real and Authentic Designer Handbags

Having authentic designer handbags can be the dream for any girl in the world. We have the real handbag and they beauty is somewhat accepted by every women. The handbags can give us the practical aim to keep our belonging while the appearance looks beautiful and satisfy us as the owner and make other girl to jealous to see our beautiful handbag. To make us the wise buyer on this elegant and stylistic item, we need to understand the authentic designer handbags review below.

Safety Tips for Finding Authentic Designer Handbags

Authentic designer handbags are needed because we need the purse to attend special occasion like prom, wedding, or even hangout to a theatre. You can see the famous brand of handbags like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Fendi, etc. you need to be careful when you buy the handbag, either in online or in the specific store. Some naughty people sell the replica brand and claim that the handbag is authentic. Thus, you need to understand the signature of every famous handbag so those people can’t deceive you.

The Signature of Famous Handbags

If you like to buy Prada, you need to familiarize the logo of particular authentic designer handbags. It is very distinctive in raised texture, especially the “R” alphabet. The nameplates of Prada are enameled with the same material with the backing fabric. Gucci handbags has the distinctive G shape and you need to look at the linings carefully. Gucci has diagonal textured fabric in their bags. Authentic Louis Vuitton handbags always use even stitching. The LV logo is placed symmetrically. You will find the date code stamped in the leather.

Other people like Chanel and Marc Jacobs as their authentic designer handbags. The tag in Chanel is either stitched or stamped inside the bag. The logo is clear, straight, and evenly placed. The alphabet “C” is distinctively slanted in diagonal manner in both end and the bags have hologram sticker with the serial to track the date. Moreover the interlocking “CC” logo has the right C overlapping at the top and weaving under in the bottom side. Marc Jacobs have the stamped RiRi or Lampo at the back of the zipper. Yet the recent bag, made in China, doesn’t use the stamp. You can only authenticate through the receipt.

Tips for Finding Authentic Designer Handbags by Certain Details

The Guide of Buying Authentic Designer Handbags

If you are planning to buy authentic designer handbags, you should know that it costs a lot although there are cheap authentic designer handbags. Yet they will be a good investment. The bag should fulfill the practical function and can be used in versatile event. Thus, you might need casual handbags. If you are likely to bring so many things in your handbags, you better purchase the spacious one. Yet you need to buy small-sized handbag if you are the woman who like simplicity.

Thus, you need to know the right treatment for your authentic designer handbags. Make sure that you read the information regarding the cleaning and the drying. Most of the designer provide a guarantee, so make sure that you can claim the guarantee if there is technical fault. Either your handbag will be repaired or you will get the new one.

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