Short Curly Hairstyles

2015 is coming and bringing new styles especially hairstyles. Perhaps we have bored to see long hair which become the women’s crown as long as now. We need something different such as short hair. Like long hair, short hair has many hairstyles such as layered, bob, pixie and many more. Short has also some advantages for its user. Simplicity and elegance are one of them. You have no worry to maintain your short hair because it does not need many treatments as same as long hair. Moreover, you do not need straightened your short hair if you have short curly hairstyles. Curly become trend now as popular hairstyles for 2015 even though curly hair is not the newest invented hairstyles but it always survives since long time ago until this advanced epoch. It is able to be proof that curly hair is still placed in every heart of woman. However, it does not mean that short curly hair has no need to be maintenance or treatment at all. The users of short curly hair usually feel some difficulties to manage it. To solve this problem, the role of styling short curly hair is the solution. Here are some short curly hairstyles that you can to use in this winter season.

Short Curly Hairstyles


This is the first one of short curly hairstyles. You can use this style if you do not want to get difficulties in managing your hair. This hairstyle has a curvature curly for you short hair. The side bride on the bangs will make you looked different than before. Oval, round, square and long face shape would be suited with French braid fringe because it gives more face shape and volume. The thickness of texture makes a wavy curly looked perfect. Just remember when you ask your hairstylist to do this style to styling in wet condition in order to get the best shape of curly.


You will be looked smooth and voluminous with this one of the short curly hairstyles. The using of bangs adds more mysterious on your appearance. This hairstyle is the solution for you who have thin hair. Moreover, this hairstyle suits with oval, round, square and long face shape. However, you must get periodic treatment to keep the durability of this hair such as once in two weeks. Therefore, be diligent to the salon for tidy up your short curly hairstyle.

Short Curly Hairstyles 2


Last but not least, this is our favorite short curly hairstyles. You will get sexier and hotter look by this hairstyle. Thus, it is very appropriate for you who want to attend a date with your pair. As same as both of hairstyles above, this hairstyle is only for oval, round, square and long face shapes. If you want to get maximum style, it depends on the front layer of your short hair. You can use side bangs but not too much in order to get the line of your face.

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