Short Hairstyles for Girls: Straight and Curly Options for You

There are many hairstyles people can choose in the fashion world. Did you not take a liking to your short hair? Well, you don’t have to grow your hair if you want to look more beautiful even with your current hair length. That would be too long to wait anyway. You see, there are countless short hairstyles for girls that are really beautiful to style on your hair. Just try them first before you decide to let your hair grow longer. Let me give you two examples here.

marvelous short hairstyles for girls

Perfectly Middle Parted Hairstyle

As you hear how this short hairdo for girls is called, you might think that it is kind of simple style we will work on here. But, it is not like that at all. Middle parting is effective to showcase your face. This kind of short hairstyles for girls is also good to highlight great short hairdo. It will especially look good with longer layers. So, how do we style this on our hair? Let me tell you first that it is a straight short type of hairdo.

In order to style this on, you will begin with damp hair. Then, choose either smoothing serum or cream to be applied on your hair. After you are done with that application, you need to blow dry your hair while using a great round brush in medium size. Then, make middle parting once your hair is dry. To finish these kind of short hairstyles for girls on your hair, don’t forget to apply shine serum to the ends of your hair.

Adorably Asymmetrical Hairstyle

Let’s move on to the next kind of short hairstyles for girls here. Yes, we will make asymmetrical look here. Such look is perfect to be made to make you look chic when you plan to go out at night. It is good for casual daytime too though. Well, let me tell you here, that it is curly type of girls’ short hairstyles. So, you can decide first whether or not you will style this hairdo on your hair. Not all people like curly hairstyle after all.

short hairstyles for girls

Let’s begin to style it here. First, you begin with dry hair. Make sure it has been smoothed with a round brush. Then, make side parting on your hair. After you are done with it, use 1-inch curling iron to curl small parts of your hair. Next, use your fingers to run through the curls to break them up a bit. It is done to make them look more natural. Last, to finish this kind of short hairstyles for girls, use light hold finishing spray to hold this style in place.

See? You even have your choice both straight and curly for short hairstyles for girls. These two hairstyles should have proven enough that you can even look beautiful with short hair. Of course, besides those two short hairstyles for women, there are still many others left for you to try. So, you don’t have to wait long so that you can have long hair to style. Just try one of the hairstyles above and you will see yourself look beautiful even in short hair.

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