Simple Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair to Copy

It can be said that medium length hair is anything but a versatile choice either for girls or woman. It is not long and it is not short, just in between. This post will share some hairstyles for medium length hair ideas that can be your inspirations in each day. We try to give you some variations from the simple with ponytail up to the more playful with braids and updos. So, just check them out and be ready to start the day with the following easy hairstyles for medium length hair ideas.

Simple Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair to Copy

Simple Hairstyles with Medium Length Haircuts to Copy On!

We will start with something simple first. If you have no time in the morning while still begging to look chic, then you can try single twist style. This style can be done through the following steps. First, comb your hair and take a hair section from your left hair, pull it back to the rights and secure it. Continue doing the same with the right hair; take a section from the right side and cross it over the first pieces. The twist is simple yet chic hairstyles for medium length hair to try. Add bling accessories for final touch!

Ponytail is the next idea to practice. This is a timeless hairstyle that is great for bad hair day or a formal look. Instead of making simple and boring ponytail along your beautiful tresses, perhaps make some combination on it might be a good idea. So, twists the two sections or make braid on the both side to pair on the simple ponytail hairstyles for medium length hair you have made. Pull them back and with the help of your hand, unite all them together into a classic ponytail.

Now that you have medium with shorter length while you want to come for formal party, then cancel your appointment with your stylist and try this next simple twist hairdo for short length hair. First, curl your hair with iron and twist the left side inside, secure it with bobby pins. Now, do the same with the right side and place the right twist on above the first twist, pin it. Run your finger along the hair to make this hairstyles for medium length hair looks naturals. Now, you are done and a beautiful accessory can be added to make the twisted bun looks pretty.

The next idea to try is known as knotted pony. In line with the name, your hair will be knotted so that it creates simple knotted bun for the final look. In making these hairstyles for medium length hair, first, divide your hair into two same sections and start making the knot with those two hair pieces. Keep making the knotted until it runs about three or four knots. Let the bottom of your hair comes beautifully and voila you are done with this! These teenagers’ hairstyles for medium length hair are simple when it is compared with the braided one.

There are so many ideas to do with your medium length hair. No matter what style to choose, it should make you comfortable and add your confidence as well. So, girls, just check the following ideas and be ready to choose the best hairstyles for medium length hair!

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