Stiletto High Heels

Stiletto high heels are the sibling brother of usual or normal high heels. They are longer and thinner than high heels. If we draw the combination between stiletto and high heel, you can imagine a high heel on boots and shoes. The original name is stiletto dagger and then become only stiletto since early 1930s. The form of stiletto has variants length. The range is start from the 2.5 cm or 1 inch up to 25 cm or 10 inches. If you have ever heard kitten heels, they are stiletto-style high heels which have 5 centimeters of length or 2.0 inches or shorter. However, you cannot state that all high slim heels are stiletto because the original Italian-style stiletto heels were no more than 5 mm or 0.20 inch of length in late 1950s. Actually, the real stiletto has a stem which derived from solid steel or alloy. Because of fashion reasonably, many manufacturers of stiletto have modified them in order to follow fashion passion by using molded plastic with an internal metal tube. As usual, we will show you some top-brand stiletto high heels based on the popular website of online-shop in order to fulfill your desire in deciding good stiletto. In this article, we had taken the source from Here we go!

Stiletto High Heels

James – Red by Taylor Says

In the beginning of our stiletto high heels, we have the James by Taylor Says. It has very unique design and body colors; we can say a smart way to draw women attention. There is crossword puzzle on its body, but please do not try to fill the blank puzzle though. It is also featured by a sleek pump silhouette with 4 ½ inch heel. The crossword puzzle is printed perfectly underneath the sole. The upper segment us covered by leather materials. The man made sole would be made your fashion increase up. The has priced this stiletto high heel at $    159.99. Feel the hot and sexy words inside this stiletto.

Wizard – Stone Sun by BCBGeneration

The second one of stiletto high heels is the Wizard by BCBG. This one is perfect for teenager girl because of catchy or sporty design and fresh color combination. The colors are black, yellow and grey which suitable to hang out with your friend. The price is only $    129.99 and you will have the 1 inch rubber platform and adjusting laces. The length is at 4 ½ inch heel which become the standard size for women especially teenager.

Stiletto High Heels 2

Rocket – Taupe Fabric by G by Guess

The last of stiletto high heels is named as the Rocket. It was a gifted by G by Guess. The design is appropriate with winter season. It features with a taupe fabric upper with cute folded cuff which make your leg keep in warm. It has also a faux outside zip that is combined with edgy gold which become the classy signature for women. Yep, gold is always sticky with women, right? The price is at $59.99 for this 4 1.2 inch thick heel.

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