Swiss Watches for Men: the Best in the World You Will Ever Get

If you are asked to choose watches, which one do you want to pick? You know, most people would say that they choose Swiss watches. Swiss watches are known for being the best in the world. Swiss heritage of watches began in the beginning of 19th century when specially trained craftsmen began to make the most precise timepieces in the world. The knowledge at that time is contained even in Swiss Watches nowadays. Let’s see some Swiss watches for men here.

Best swiss watches for men

Swiss Army Men’s Quartz Watch Infantry Chronograph

This one is pretty cool kind of Swiss watches for men. It is made by a brand name called Victorinox. This Swiss men watch is somewhat big with 20 millimeters of band width. Well, this is what you would expect from men watches, right? Made in stainless steel, this watch has nice silver look on it. Not to mention, it would last for a long time with that material. Furthermore, it has as much as 10 bar water pressure resistance too.

As for the case, this kind of Swiss watches for men is made 40 millimeters in its diameter and 9 millimeters in its thickness. It has chronograph display type and quartz movement. Grey dial, luminous hands, luminous numerals, stop watch, and date are made on navy blue layout. No wonder, this Swiss watch looks manly. But, it is not that flashy in its design. So, it is a good choice if you don’t want to wear flashy watch.

Men’s Watch XL Analogue Rubber

This kind of Swiss watches for men is also made by Victorinox. To tell you the truth, this manly Swiss watch is classic in its type. It has 25 millimeters of band width with 43 millimeters of case diameter and 11 millimeters of case thickness. Even so, it looks somewhat slim in its body design. The band material is rubber, so it should have less risk of irritation on your wrist, making it more comfortable to wear. As for its color, it is made in black.

swiss watches for men

How about the case? I would say that the silver color from the stainless steel makes this watch looks even cooler. Just like the first kind of Swiss watches for men above, this watch has chronograph display type and quartz movement. But, it has buckle as its clasp type and 3 bar water pressure resistance. It still has special features though. Made in navy blue layout, it has date, white dial, and luminous hands. This one also looks cool too.

So, if you have to choose, which one does you like the most? Well, the best one is the kind that meets your needs and expectations the most. Both men’s Swiss watches above are cool after all. They sure are a great timepiece with precise measurement. Not to mention, those two are made with water resistance as well. By seeing those Swiss watches for men, you must agree that Swiss watches are indeed the best in the world.

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