The Most Extreme High Heels from Great Designers

For some girls, high heel is one of the things which will increase their confidence and it will make the style more fashionable. High heel is designed to create the proportional look; however, will you dare to use the extreme high heels from some great designers? There are many high heels from designers, which is usually the high heel is about 3-5 cm, however for some girls having a high heel about 15 cm is more comfortable. Here are some such a crazy high heels that you can choose for that.

The Most Extreme High Heels from Great Designers

The weird high heels from Alexander McQueen would be one of the extreme high heels. Lady Gaga ever wore the high heels which the shape is like egg. The designer got so many critics about the not-proportional high heels. However, which makes these extreme high heels more unique is not only with the worst shape, but the surface of the high heels. Some heels brings the snake pattern which makes it like snake body. It looks so weird.

Can you imagine using these extreme high heels walking such a high heel from Atsuko Kudo? The front side is so bold and the heels are so high. You need to learn how to walk in one line because the heel is so high. Girls must think twice to get these extreme high heels; for sure to wear these high heels will never give the comfortable feeling. However, for short girls, perhaps these high heels would help them to increase their height easily; however, they have to be careful when they are starting to walk.

From the design style is very good looking. There is the line on the upper side which makes this high heel so cool. There are some strips which makes it so unique. However, you have to make sure that you can walk in the high heels like this. It must be bother you so much. The extreme high heels from Atsuko Kudo will give the bad experience for girl if they cannot balance their steps.

The Most Extreme High Heels from Great Designers 2

Who wants to have these extreme high heels from Noritaka Tatehana? We cannot imagine if you will wear these shoes. Perhaps, you will not know how to use extreme high heels shoes also. Some people will think whether it can be used or not. However, for the design is cool, with the elegant light red color makes it more beautiful. For the style on the back side, beautiful black in minimalist style is also very nice. However you have to make sure that you will not fall down to the back side.

For the first glance, this high heel looks nice with the purple bow and the nice pattern. However, if you look at the high heel part, it looks like stiletto which is so thin and broke. Beside the heel is so high, it is also not comfortable, and for girls, you need sure to think twice for that. Its shape is so weird.  You can look at the fingers, it seems so hurting. It does not look so comfortable to steps your walk. That will be nice with the Extreme high heels from John Galliano when you are having drunk. Are you planning to have these extreme high heels for sale?

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