The Tips to Create Glitter High Heels

Are you looking for perfect glam pair to add on your shoes for your wedding? If you still don’t find the fittest one, why don’t you try to create it yourself. Indeed, you have found a relevant article because we will discuss glitter high heels with DIY ideas. This is the best solution for you if you are difficult to get the exact pair among glitter high heels which are offered in market. We will explain you the steps how to create a perfect glitter pair for your high heels to wear in your special moment.

purple glitter high heels

Do Some Steps Below for Glitter High Heels

Glitter high heels can be created in your home but the glitter high heel supplies should be provided first. They include heel pair (coming from any fabric) Marta Stewart Crafts Decoupage glue with Gloss Finish, your glitter choice, wax paper or small container and paint brush. To make such heels look extremely superb, actually it needs time. Such project will not complete in only one night or one day. It needs at least about three days for completing the steps.

In creating glitter high heels you need to do some steps patiently. The glitter high heel step can be started from painting a decoupage glue coat on a small heel section. Absolutely, it is better to work within small sections. If doing on whole heel you may eager to break such heel to five sections. Two sections on every side and the heel to keep the coats organized. If the heels are made from fabric, it will surely soak up such glue. Thus, make sure that you create enough glitter.

In making glitter high heels you need to keep the glue stroke also. If there are lines of excess glue after stroking, you are required to smooth the lines out. This should be noticed if you don’t want your shoes end up with lines. The next step to do is shaking on that glitter. Liberally, apply it then tap the high heel shoe on your desk for excess removal. You can also do this on a wax paper piece to protect the excess glitter and work surface. You can also pat some glitter areas carefully into fabric you need.

glitter high heels

After the previous section to make glitter high heels is completed, tape them if it is necessary. Afterwards, paint a side in a time then let your work dry within an hour. For glitter container you should have, you are recommended to by the larger one because the area is important for glittering. You can choose two glitter coats. You are suggested to paint new shoe for glitter by using two decoupage coats to seal your glitter completely. Let your work dry in 24 hours to be safe before wearing them.

Now it is the time to explain the final steps in having glitter high heels by your selves. Brush your shoe by using bristled brush to recover the less glitter. Now, the processes have been finished but you have to do the steps in correct way.

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