Tips for Choosing Winter Coats for Men

There are several types of coat design. You can choose either modern or traditional design. To make you firmer in choosing winter coats for men, we have choosing guide for winter coats. But first, you should know the difference between coat and jacket. Coat is thicker than a jacket and made of natural fabric. A jacket functions little less in keeping you warm. Often, a jacket is at your hips length. Then, what are the tips to choose winter coats?

Tips for Choosing Winter Coats for Men

Factors to Choose Winter Coats for Men

The first factor when you choose winter coats for men is the fabric. We have mentioned earlier above that a coat is made if natural fabric. But there are many types of fabric, right? The best fabric for a winter coat is made of wool. Another type is cashmere. The difference is cashmere is warmer than wool but it also has the similar line with the price. Many men choose wool winter coats for men because wool has better durability than cashmere.

If you think that wool does not give you much warmth, you can add more material to your wool winter coats for men. You can add Thinsulate layer. The extra layers that are given in your winter coats will give you more warmth. You can add the additional layer of winter coats either in inner or outer part of the coat itself. You can ask to a pro or designer that you choose to give you more advice in how to deal with fabric for winter coats.

The next thing is how you try to fit the coat with you. This is about measurement. If you want to get ideal winter coats for men, then you should add one size than the common jacket size. This aims to give you free movement though you wear the thick clothes, especially on the neck and shoulders. On the shoulder size, how to fit winter coats is by falling down the edge of the coat of your own shoulders. You will look manlier with this coat.

Tips for Choosing Winter Coats for Men 2

The dimensions of winter coats for men from one brand to another are not the same; this is a chance for you to custom the size of your coat with your body. So, when you are measured, you should sit down, raise the arms, bend down and tie up the shoes. This aims to give you real trial and error in measuring the coats. Don’t forget about styles. There are various styles with different range of prices, like cashmere chevron jacket and Andrew Marc Marcus.

If you love military clothes design, you can apply it in your winter coats for men. Cashmere chevron coat has gray and charcoal colors. The colors make you manlier. This can work perfectly with formal wearing. Andre Marc Marcus winter coats are famous for the elegance design with pea-coat cut. This will make you look more semi-casual. This is suitable for holiday look or office look. So, do you find your choice yet?

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