Tips on What Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes

For those of ladies out there who have brown eyes, this article is the right place for you to get some tips on what eye shadow for brown eyes that looks best on you. Honestly, almost any color will make them pop because brown is a neutral color. It is best for to find which colors suitable for your air and your skin as well. Generally, your brown eyes are matched with teals and purples but you do not bother to try other colors as this article will show you. These are some of great tips on what eye shadow for brown eyes that suitable for you so you can get the inspiration to find your best eye shadow color.

Tips on What Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes

Purple eye shadow

Purple is one of the most universally best eye shadows color to wear because it matches well with any types of hair, eye or skin colors. Especially, purple is a perfect color for brown eye ladies which can make the eyes pop because it is a contrasting color on the color wheel. The purples as it contrasts the warmth of the brown are blue tinted purples.

Blue eye shadow

If you like to wear 80’s style of eye shadow, you have to try to wear blue eye shadow color. A royal blue along the lash line is look amazing on blue eyes. This color makes the whites of your eyes appear brighter because the coolness of the blue contrasts the warm brown.

Yellow or Orange eye shadow

Wearing gold eye shadows can bring out the yellow tint in your eyes, if you have hazel eyes instead of dark brown. Generally, gold is not everyone favorite color to wear, but if you pair it with a dark purple or navy blue, it can still look nice on you. The best look for brown eyes is more bronze tinted or even copper.

Tips on What Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes

Sliver eye shadow

Silver provides a beautiful contrast against the warmth of brown eyes because silver is such a cool toned color. There many types of silver that will look amazing on your brown eyes such as metallic silver, platinum or even gunmetal. If you have dark circles under your eyes, you have to be careful to wear silver under the lower lash line because this can enhance them slightly.

Brown or Neutral eye shadow

The favorite colors on what eye shadow for brown eyes are brown eye shadows because it blends so well with your brown eyes. But surely no one wants to wear bright purple makeup to work every day. The solutions for this situation is you have to wear a bit of purple, teal or even green and put it under the lower lash line or in the waterline in case to make your eyes pop a little bit. This solution of little splash color is work well for daytime without being too much made up.

Green eye shadow

Green is another eye shadow color that will fit on brown eyes. It makes them appear greener if you have hazel eyes.

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