Tips To Wear Comfortable High Heels

High heels have become inseparable part of women’s life. Without wearing heels, some of them might not feel confident or perfect in matching it with their outfit. High heels can be worn in many occasions, either formal or casual. For those who cannot stand on wearing high heels, they usually choose to wear wedges. Wear high heels, especially when you have to wear them too long, might be very tiring. So, here are tips to wear comfortable high heels.

Tips To Wear Comfortable High Heels

How to Wear Comfortable High Heels

Wearing high heels could be painful but you can overcome it. You can buy gel insoles and apply the gel on your toes. You can avoid the painful scrunching and blisters. Wearing gel for comfortable high heels will make the pressure keep off in arch shaping. Besides, you can also place cushion to give more comfort of the ball of your feet. When you feel that the toes slide to the shoes, the cushion will minimize the effect of painful of high heels.

You could probably a fan of super models but it does not mean that you should imitate the way they walk. So, what is the best way to walk with comfortable high heels? You should keep the spine and head straight. You will feel like there is a string that pulls you off. Then, use the hips to lift up and change the legs to the center of your body balance while walking. So the balance when you wear high heels can be kept. This is like a bouncing ball then keeping the body from fall.

You can love your comfortable high heels but you should remember how to wear high heels. You might feel comfortable but your feet probably feel the opposite. So, you should give a break to your feet by wearing different types of shoes. Wearing three days full of high heels will be a painful time for your feet. Thus, you should wear sandals or sneakers every time you have spare time. This is an effort to recover the feet.

Tips To Wear Comfortable High Heels 2

You can also get comfortable high heels by placing soft flannel or moleskin in your high heels. This is usually sold in several sheets and you can buy what you need. Then, you can cut the flannel in a shape you want and suitable with your high heels. This will be a bandage that provides more comfort to your feet. This is also a solving problem to trouble spots on the feet. Many women have used this thing to secure their feet.

Each woman may have different width and size of feet. This is what makes your high heels are different with your friend. If they size is different, don’t force yourself to wear the shoes of your friend. You will never feel comfortable anyway. You should pick the shape of comfortable high heels that is really suitable with yours. Don’t think about other women. We all have different size and shape. So, this is your job to find the best comfy size.

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