Using Purple and Green Color for the Best Eyeshadow for Green Eyes

Makeup cannot be separated from women; they need to do this ritual to make her to be pretty. Thus, you need to consider your skin tone, your face shape and your eyes color. The color of your eyes plays the important role to determine the right eye shadow. Thus, this review will give you the insight of the rare eye color, which is green. Eyeshadow for green eyes should be different with other eye color like brown or blue. Green eyes are beautiful and you are free to enhance the aesthetic look of your rare eyes using Smokey eye green eyes or other eye shadow ideas.

Some Steps to Eyeshadow for Green Eyes

Applying the Color of Green Eyeshadow for Green Eyes in Correct Way

You can use green eye shadow to beautify your green eyes. The idea on this eyeshadow for green eyes is using the opposite attracts. After you doing the make up for your face, it is time to focus on your green eyes. Green eye shadow can brighten your eyes if you know how to use it. The prime should use a very light tone. Then use brown eyeliner in liquid or in pens as the pencil type may smudge to be used as eyeshadow for hazel eyes.

If you have green eyes in darker shade, you need to use light green eyeshadow for green eyes. Apply this color in your crease up to three layers to make a bright look. Adding the glitters can be done to sharpening your eye shadow. If you have lighter green color, then you need to use dark forest eye shadow color. Using the same eye shadow color and the eye is not a recommended strategy for you. Then you can apply white eye shadow layer on the top layer. And add the mascara if you want.

Purple Eyeshadow to Pop Your Rare Green Eyes

Purple shade is your green eyes’ friend as in the color chart they are placed in opposite side. You can use this color to widen your look. Deep plum shades n your eyeshadow for green eyes can be applied in the outer edges while lighter shade of purple should be used in inner eye. Yet you need to do the opposite action if you have droopy eyelids. When you use the purple eye shadow, it will be better for you to drop away the purple color in blue undertones.

Eyeshadow for green Eyes with Some Styles

You can use grayish lavender eye shadow if you dislike the purple color. You can also use gold and copper color as the eyeshadow for green eyes as they can highlight your green eyes well. The idea of using the warm shades and cooler shades can make your appearance to be not too harsh or over powered as they balance each other.

You cannot expect that every eye shadow color can be used to match your green eyes. Some colors will not suit well with your green eyes. Silver is not a good eyeshadow for green eyes. Thus, you need to avoid metallic shades and change it into more earthy color like brown and dark green eye shadow. Metallic color like bronze, copper and gold will only work on the evening makeup. You need to drop away the black color and choose chocolate brown or espresso if you want darker shades on eyeshadow colors for green eyes.

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