Various Hairstyles for Prom Ideas

For most of you, prom is a kind of magical night where each of detail should be perfected and planned. Each of you should have perfect date, perfect dress, and absolutely perfect hair. In fact, having great hair is not difficult as what you imagine. You can check out several options of hairstyles for prom as follow for your wonderful night.

hairstyles for prom

Choosing the appropriate hairstyles for prom

Bun with braid is hairstyles for prom idea that offers fun and sophisticated look. With this beautiful big bun which is wrapped in braid, everyone will amaze at you. You can apply these hairstyles for prom by misting the hairs by using hairspray after you smooth the hairs by using brush and blow dryer. This is mainly purposed for smoothing the back to the ponytail. Use the backcomb ponytail for creating volume. Smooth the surface of the ponytail and wind for creating the bun. You have to keep the section out for creating the braids at its top. Then, secure the bun by using bobby pins.

In addition, you have to separate the section to the three parts and create also three braids. Wrap the braids around the bun and secure that from the underneath by using the bobby pins. You can finish the look by using favorite shine spray and hairspray. To get maximum results for these hairstyles for prom, it is used to apply the products of hair spray especially super shape spray. You can use a little for the soft hold or spray more for the stronger holds which stay put all your night. This washes right out also.

Others appropriate hairstyle for your amazing prom night is namely as all up. It is soft curls which is piled with high create extreme volumes for getting great prom look. For those who want to apply these hairstyles for prom, the steps must be done in well-ordered. The hairstyles for prom steps for all up hairstyle can be started by creating 3 sections after the hairs are dried. Create those sections one on each back and side.

hairstyles for prom 2

You have to turn on the 1, 5 inch of the barrel curling irons. Bring down for one inch section and start to curling. Also, you have to make sure for letting each of those curls cool before it will be manipulated. After the curl cools, you have to mist it with the hairspray then shake out by using the hands. Start this step at top and take the medium section and backcomb. Slightly twist and pin on place by using the bobby pins. Continue this step for the application of hairstyles for prom, and pull the whole sections up as well as toward its top for creating volume. Use the hairspray and place the loose curls. Use the bobby pins if you think it needs extra hold.

Last but not the least, there is recommended hairstyles for prom product for keeping all up hairstyle on its place. Hairspray must be your best friend if you want to apply all up for your hairstyles for prom. All up hairstyle will match perfectly on heart and also square face shape.

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