Vera May Handbags Design

Vera May handbags are able to be your best solution for appearance supplement when you need something fresh and unique. This is a wholesale company in fashion segment which placed on Australia. It was founded by Australian since 2003 until now. They have been growing up very fast all over the world because of their popular design especially handbags and wallets trend. The motto of this company is that their based strategy is always innovative to make their product whether trends and also styling. Their market target starts from the teenager and business women. They claimed that they will reflect the fashion desire these days.

Vera May Handbags Design


Vera May handbags have many categorizes including avenue design. This category is special for business or modern women who live in the city. The motto for avenue handbag is that women set the trend, they do not follow. It means that there are plenty of Vera May designs which create own trend for fashion today. You can see the example of avenue handbag which called as Dana Black. The design is very elegance and handy when you are wearing it. This handbag derives from faux leather which famous with its durability against time and extreme weather. There is a line signature at the center body which featured by unique fretwork. Moreover, simple black color makes this handbag more modern and handy with its strap.

Artistic Paint

Vera May Handbags also bring artistic paint instead of simple and elegant design. As you can see on the pictures, there is very artistic and colorful design on its body. The name of this handbag is Dixon which made from genuine leather materials. This is not usual leather which has weak durability and heavy weight. It comes with less-weight than normal leather. The exterior dimensions are 30 cm X 22 cm X 12 cm and very suitable when it used for casual event such as wedding or prom night parties. The featured painting here is a group of flower like rose and sun flower.

Packages Version

Vera May Handbags have many packages version instead of single product such as two handbags above. Each package includes many models of a collection. For the example, Blossom package with handbag, travel bag, hobo, wallet and many more. It comes with one painting design but divided into some model of bags as stated before. Therefore, you have no worries anymore to choose what model that you need in an event. This package featured with blossom painting which blends with blue color. It is suitable for you who want to take a holiday on the beach. The colorful and plenty of blossoms combined in many variants of bag models including handbag.


Vera May Handbags are covered with leather materials which usually popular for branded handbags. However, this company does not offer normal leather. We have recorded two special leather materials here, faux and genuine. These kinds of leather have capability against time and weather like rainy and winter.

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