What You Should Know about High Heeled Shoes

As women, we are all attracted to the beauty of high heeled shoes. We believe that wearing this kind of shoes will enhance our appearance. There is high demand of high heels in this world. Thanks to this, the kinds of high heels that can be bought vary and we have unlimited choices! So, what do you know about this beautiful shoes? If you now just few things about it, read this article!

What You Should Know about High Heeled Shoes

The first usage of high heeled shoes was in the 9th century at Persia. Back then, the shoes were worn for horse riding. It was purposed for avoiding foot slipping. After that, the development of high heels was strongly known during the medieval era in Europe. The style of the medieval era is known as the predecessor of the current high heels styles.

After world war, the world has changed its styles of high heeled shoes for so many times. People know that 1950s was the first development of stiletto shoes. In 1960s, women turned to lower heels. It made them move easier. The 1970s was the era of block high heels. High heels came back to business when it was 1980s and 1990s. However, late 1990s was the era of high heeled shoes without heels, or simply known as flats. We all know that fashion repeats itself in about 30 years. This is also happened to shoes. The 1950s stiletto was repeated in early 1960s, and then 1980s, and after 2000.

The Debates behind Wearing High Heeled Shoes

Up until nowadays, there are so many pros and cons behind the usage of high heeled shoes. Those who agree with wearing high heels mention that it can make women more confidence with their appearance. It is also able to change the posture of those who wear the high heels. This kind of shoes is also able to make the wearer taller, with longer legs, smaller legs, and shorter toes. Researchers also believe that high heels are able to improve woman’s pelvic muscle tone.

What You Should Know about High Heeled Shoes 2

Those who disagree with the usage of high heeled shoes say that it causes pains. This is because the foot area is so small, especially for those who have big foot. Although there are high heeled shoes for wide feet, it is said that it still cause pains for the wearer. In longer term, high heels can cause or increase the chance of lower back pain, unsteady gait, rigid calves, fractures, deformities, and knees incidence. The floor can be damaged too, especially if women wear metal-tipped high heels.

We can’t directly say all high heeled shoes are the same. Each kind of high heels has its own name. The basic high heels are named as pumps. This one has height of 2-3 inches and has low front cut. The higher one is named stiletto. It is called so since it has 8 inches height. You will realize the existence of cone heels too. It really looks like an ice cream cone. You know the ankle strap heels. It has strap on the ankle that secures the position of the heels. This one is often considered as nice high heeled wedding shoes. Then, there are platform heels that have thick sole.

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