Women’s Gold Watches

Women’s supplements for their fashion and style are not only mounted in their body such as cloth, pants or necklaces but also their wrist hand. Yep, we are talking about women’s watches. If you do not know what is watch, it is a small timepiece which carried or worn by a person. The main function is to give you time information and now it is able to be fashionable with its trendy variants. It should be usual, if a woman carry a gold watch in their hand because it is one of the fashion movements in this advanced epoch. Today, our topic is women’s gold watches. If you have read other article about men watches, we will talk about women now. As stated before, women watches are becoming their supplements to support their appearance. Gold is a luxurious and elegant color for a woman. Thus, the combination of watch and gold color is perfect because you are easily to get elegant look for your appearance. There are plenty of women’s gold watches. However, we take the source from a popular fashion website, michaelkors.com. Hopefully, this article will help you to find the correct watches for your look.

Women’s Gold Watches

Kerry Pavé Gold-Tone Watch

This first unique watch is one of women’s gold watches on the michaelkors.com. It is covered with shimmering pave in every part of them. You will get feminine design inside the gold aura of this watch. The price is at $450.00 and you will have super-glamorous watch ever. With its pave dial and oversized Roman numerals, classic elegant would be fused with fresh design when people look at your wrist hand. This is one of the midsized watches that have 190mm case and push clasp. You get two-year warranty and water resistant up to 5 ATM for safety features.

Women’s Gold Watches 2

Runway Twist Gold-Tone Watch

The next one of women’s gold watches is cheaper than the first one. It is priced by the site at $225.00. As same as its name, there is twisted gold design at the strap of watch. It looked like a twister on a timeless design. With a simple touch of glamorous stainless steel, it makes this watch eye-catching and stunning our eyes. If you want to be elegant women, you should try this one because it matches with any style and clothing combination. The twist segment looks like a chain bracelet on your wrist. Overall, this watch show its capability on gold and twits strap.

Slim Runway Gold-Tone Watch

Last but not least, we show you the cheapest one than the others. It priced at $195.00 for one of women’s gold watches. This is also Runway lineup as same as its brother above this paragraph. The sleek and understated dial looks modern and covered with gold-tone stainless steel. It is able to be you wrist jewelry for a long time investment. The slim design has made this watch stunning all of the people around you. If you are businesswoman, this match suits with your office uniform and fits with any dress for formal and casual event. That is all for women’s gold watches, we are sure your eyes would be blinked after read this article.

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